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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions provide information to consumers about their rights when using the information and services on the site. Each user running the site is bound by the rules of these terms and conditions at the entry site to his departure.

All content, including, but not limited to static images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content, design, databases, information and any other content published on the web site are the property of or a third party, in which If the content can be accompanied by mention of his property, which has Lampionstudio permit. Any use of materials from the site, except for personal nekomerisalni objectives necessarily requires written permission from reserves the right to make changes in the data and conditions, as this will be notified electronically.


Price information for the selected product you can get by contacting us by phone +359 896 09 23 90 or send us an email, as then the name or code of the product and your required amount.


Order can make filling in an online form after pressing the “Send” on the chosen product by entering all necessary data. Queries sent to 14 hours a day are processed the same day and the requests sent after 14 hours or non-working day are processed the next working day.
Order or request you can do by directly contacting us by phone or email. After specifying all the details in order to proceed to delivery.


When ordering products and the quantities, delivery is done by courier company hired by Lampionstudio (or according to customer preference) to address given by you or office of the company. If you can not establish a connection with you at the time of delivery, the shipment back to the office to request the courier. For orders over 100 lev enjoy free shipping to address, otherwise the service is borne by the recipient. Deliveries are made only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Terms Cancelation and return of goods:

The customer can withdraw from your order within 15 days after delivery for this purpose should return the product for their own account to Lampionstudio keeping presentation and original packaging.
Bringing Cancelation only in written via email from the client to where should indicate the client name, order number, reasons for refusal, desired manner of recovery of payment.
When canceling the order and return the goods, the client should use the original packaging of products such as additional packing and protecting the goods when needed for protection during transport. Shipping risk for returning the product is borne by the customer.
Partial or total failure of the order paid repayment of all or overpayment can be done in the following ways:
– By selecting the substitute goods
– Return of payments made by credit or debit card – deduct 10% costs
– Payment by bank transfer – retransfer fees are charged to the customer


Payment is by cash on receipt of goods by courier.

Protection of personal data:

Automatically recorded information
LampiONStudio not automatically record information when you visit the site. Information is recorded only if the user enters and send such – for example, when making on-line order

Collection and processing of personal data
LampiONStudio not collect personal information about you, except when you provide such as making on-line order.
Use and storage of personal data
LampiONStudio will not sell your personal data to third parties nor will they traded elsewhere. You control the information you provide to LampiONStudio for themselves. However, if you choose not to share this information with LampiONStudio note that it may be difficult delivery of ordered products you want.

“Cookies” (cookies) are small files which are temporarily stored on your hard drive and allow our site to recognize your computer next time you visit the website. LampiONStudio uses “cookies” only to store your data in order to facilitate your next order.

LampiONStudio attaches great importance to ensuring the security of your personal information. Your data is protected from loss, destruction, distortion / falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure.